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Your Special Helper is the helping hand for you and your loved ones. We support aging adults, caregivers, your parents and/or children. We are helpers in the following areas: Respite Care, Personal Assistance, Companion SupportMentorship, Wellness & Social Activities and Help at Home Cleaning Services.


Not only are our services essential for daily living needs, but necessary for independence and quality of life.  Restoring dignity, joy and compassion into systems of community care is our direct mission. ​We serve individuals and families directly, as well as collaborate with agencies and organizations to meet the daily living needs of our community members. 

Our Aging & Disability Services Helps:

- Seniors to maintain independence by gracefully aging in place at their homes. 

- Provides peace of mind to seniors and caregivers needing a helping hand with daily activities. 

- Improves social, emotional and physical health

Our Youth Mentorship Services Helps To:

- Support youth with behavioral needs to heal and thrive. 

- Provide a safe space for developing healthy relationships. 

- Adopt strategies to navigate and overcome challenges of life.

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