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Your Special Helper in Paper City Magazine

A special thank you to Paper City Magazine for the recent article on our work and impact. You can read the article here.

"Over 5 million adults (one in four) in Texas have a disability, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Daily tasks are difficult for these adults including walking or climbing stairs, hearing, seeing, dressing, or bathing. Even running errands alone, such as visiting a doctor’s office, is a struggle. Some might have memory issues. Noticing a void in the business of helping those with these disabilities, Darius Bigby founded Your Special Helper — a concierge and companion care provider in Dallas — this year."

The Inspiration Behind Your Special Helper

"Bigby’s inspiration for Your Special Helper came from his experience with elderly care at a very early age. Growing up, he spent a lot of quality time with his grandmother, something that prepared him for the present task. He says that she “practically helped raise” him along with his mother. In his hometown of Jena, Louisiana, Bigby began his career as a special education teacher. He also coached youth basketball, baseball, and football on the side. In January 2019, he received an offer from a local Parks and Recreation division to move out to the Lone Star State. "

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