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Your Special Helper Hosts Senior Talent Show in Mesquite, TX.

We were elated to host Seniors Got Talent, a talent show for adults over 55- held on September 2, 2022 in partnership with Evans Senior Center in Mesquite, TX. It was amazing to witness the talent and support of so many seniors (100+); and this event happened to have the largest turnout at Evans Senior Center. What made this day so special was hearing the gratitude from Seniors in our community who attended. Many of which lost loved ones and hadn't experienced joy & fun in this way in a long time. We also saw others who emotionally were pretty down from disabilities, as well a life circumstances that yielded a lost a sense of hope. We witnessed them being cheered on by their peers to find the confidence to get on the makeshift stage to share their gifts with everyone, and the smiles were priceless!

This event was more than a Talent Show. It was a space for seniors to feel a sense of community, belonging and empowerment! We look forward to hosting more events and activities like this. Be sure to subscribe here to our email list to stay in the know.

You can watch highlights of the event below and read about the great feedback from Seniors who attended.


"We witnessed miracles at the event and such a fulfillment of the human spirit in a positive and proactive way!"

- Denise

I enjoyed the talent show immensely and I participated! It was well planned, fun and the time flew by. I kept wanting to see more. Everyone involved did an outstanding job! I can't wait for the next one."


" Oh my goodness....Who knew??? All were such a heartfelt inspiration!

Thank you for sharing your talents with us!"


"Yesterday's talent show was a blast!!! So much talent among a sect of the population (we finely aged folks) whom no longer "fit" today's typical entertainment modes. Looking forward to spending more time with all these sweet folks and bringing more seniors into our fold. Fun times ahead for sure. Here's to aging with style and grace!!!!""- -Peggy

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