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3 Wellness Benefits of Playing Bingo for Aging Adults

We have the greatest of fun playing a good game of bingo with our clients and community members. If you didn't know this already; there are MANY benefits of playing bingo that impacts our social, emotional and mental wellbeing. Here's a few:

Bingo Benefit #1: Great for social interaction. Many aging adults are at risk of depression or anxiety. Any activity that creates a sense of community and connection is great for our wellbeing.

Bingo Benefit #2: Keeps our brain active for optimal mental stimulation. Bingo strengthens our hand-eye coordination, from listening to numbers being called and quickly responding by placing the chips on the corresponding bingo card. Keeping our mind alert is want we want!

Bingo Benefit #3: Ignites the Feel-Good Feelings in our mind and body. You know the feeling that you get when you either anticipate winning something or shout out the words, "I won!" or "Bingo!"- well the feeling behind all of this creates a release of chemicals called endorphins. These feel-good feelings can play an important role in our healing, relief of stress and more!

We share this to say, keep the games coming! They make the world of a difference on quality state of our mind, body and spirit.

Special Note: We host social recreational activities in partnership with community entities like Parks & Recreation, Senior Centers, as well as during In Home Companion Care Visits. Contact us if you would like to connect and partner.

Thanks for reading community.

-Your Special Helper

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