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Youth Services & Recreation Mentorship 

Special Helper provides professional youth support services to support youth and young adults with varying needs. We support the development of essential life skills to fulfill their highest potential. In many cases, our clients simply need a positive influence in their life, where peer support and coaching are essential to optimize care services related to IDD (Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities).  Not only is peer/youth support invaluable to youth, and young adults, but also serves as support service to their caregivers. We use inclusive and adaptive recreation as our method for connection, mentorship and advancement of skill building for youth. 




Let's Collaborate

We collaborate with local organizations, agencies, schools, churches, parks and recreation centers, and residential communities. 

Activities Include: 

  • Parent Night Out Events

  • Private and Public Social Recreation Events

  • Youth Skill Building Programs/Classes

  • Adult Skill Building Programs/Classes 

  • Individual and Group Mentorship & Skill Building 

Recreation Mentor Benefits

Recreation Mentor can help with youth and young adults in their challenges with life transitions, including learning coping strategies with stressors in various environments, through participation in social and physical recreation activities. 

Recreation Mentors serve as positive role models and share experiences to support youth in their academic, early career and psychosocial development. 

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Learn more about how we integrate wellness and recreation as a method for social, emotional and physical community care here.

We also have a unique partnership with Circle of Life Therapy (COLT) located in Grand Prairie, TX for occupational therapy referrals and service care. Click here to learn more about their services. 

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