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Aging Adult Services

Your Special Helper provides concierge and companionship care to aging and disabled adults. We often find ourselves filling in the gap for family members and caregiver providers who most of the time lack the time and capacity to tend to the small things that matter. Our services are not limited to the following daily living activities listed below. If you don't see what you need, just give us a call. Sometimes, something as simple as coordinating a home visit for a card game makes the world of a difference in our quality of life. Just let us know what you need. 


grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, dry cleaning, etc

Home Support

light housekeeping, wellness checks, oversight of home cleaning, lawn service, maintenance, and repairs. Seasonal services, like decorating for holidays. 


Wellness check, conversations, card games, celebrating special occasions (birthday, anniversary, etc. 

Technology support

Completing online tasks, learning new skills such operating virtual meetings and social media platforms.

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